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We identify disadvantaged and poor members of the community to distribute one third of Qurbani meat to any one individual.

Please note by purchasing UK Qurbani you are agreeing to accept 2/3rds of the meat which will be  delivered to you either on 14th or 15th September.

Muslim Aid will ensure your meat is can packed and delivered to some of the most needy and war torn regions of the world.

For just £200, you can increase your reward and donate a family Qurbani of 7 units.

How your part is played in our global Qurbani campaign

Last year, over 10 million vulnerable people were served with your qurbani in over 50 countries received fresh Qurbani meat worldwide. This included, 50,000 Syrian refugees. 

What our supporters are saying

Help individuals and families in specific regions, ensure your donation gets to those most in need or keep it closer to home with a UK Qurbani donation. Just choose the band that suits best.

In 2016 fresh, locally sourced Qurbani meat reached over ten million people worldwide. This staggering number included 50,000 Syrian refugees; a great indicator as to who you can help, and how much, with Muslim Aid.

We also advocate our livelihood programmes around the world, where sheep, goats and other useful livestock animals are loaned to poor farmers in need, for the year. This is the kind of sustainable help that makes sure even the smallest donations make the biggest difference.

So get involved and make a real difference this Qurbani!

Video Muslim Aid Livelihood Programme

Muslim Aid runs unique livelihood programmes in countries around the world where sheep are bought when prices are low. The animals are given to poor farmers who make use of them throughout the year.